Safety first.....

So... At Lunar Scentz, not only do we want your home to smell great.... but we also want you to be safe whilst doing it. It's amazing how many burners i have seen that are highly unsafe or how many people leave candles lit and unattended. Don't do it people! Be safe... Be cautious and look after each other. 

  • Be careful and trust your sources. We are insured for a reason, not only to protect ourselves, but to also protect and reassure you all. These are things that you bring into your home. Make sure that products you buy are CLP compliant..... (Long and short, letting you know what nasties may or may not be in your products).

  • Likewise, trust your source of burner. Whether it be an electric burner or a candle source burner, buy a product you trust. Cheap is not always cheerful!
  • When using candles, don't wander off out of the room. Fires can take seconds to take a hold and they can also kill. Don't leave them with the ferral children or the pooch.... Curious beasts like to get into anything and everything. Don't risk it.
  • Lunar Scentz may smell delicious, but they are definitely not to eat. Keep them away from the pets and the kids. Wax's are friends not food, or .... something like that!
  • Don't put candles near to drafts. Imagine the carnage of Auntie Ethel's prize antique curtains going up in flames? Respect the flames people. Keep your candles/burners on a heat resistant surface, away from drafts and Ethel's curtains and keep them a safe distance from each other also.
  • Don't play with hot wax. Yes, i know it's cool, yes it's pretty - but it's liquid for a reason......It's molten wax. IT'S HOT! IT WILL BURN YOU! STOP IT!



  • Do not let water get into your wax.
  • Wait until your wax is completely cool before removing it from your burner. See above! It's hot. 
  • Be mindful of where you put your finished products. We once knew someone who poured hot wax down her toilet...... DOWN..... HER...... TOILET!! ... It gets better... When we explained that it will probably block her toilet and cause issues, she instead started pouring it down her kitchen sink plug hole..... Don't be this person. Apart from it being stupid and causing damage to your home, some of these products can actually cause problem to marine life. I don't think Baby Shark will thank you (... don't get us started on that $£***&" song!!). 
  • Just use your common sense and you'll be fine. Look after those around you, your home and enjoy what you've bought!
  • Oh and don't eat yellow snow!


Photographs lovingly provided by Sharon Angell - Fellow Wax Fanatic.