What do we offer.....

Not only can we make your home smell wonderful, but we can also help you connect with family both from the present and the past. 
Jen, our in house Genealogist and Wax Fanatic has a Diploma in Genealogy, is skilled in family research from present to 15th Century, has experience in research with DNA kits from various sources and has a serious passion for what she does. 

"I have been interested in Genealogy for as long as i can remember, but have been seriously researching and building my own and others family trees for almost 10 years now. Anyone that says they have completed their tree or that this is an easy subject, i can only assume has never actively got into it. Genealogy is a complex process and i am always learning, especially with the new advances in Genealogy with the likes of DNA testing. i love it, there's something joyous in seeing the tree branches grow and seeing the reactions of people who perhaps felt had a small family and were quite alone suddenly realise that all is not what it seems."

Jen offers various packages and competitive prices for research and tree building. Whether it is something specific or a more broad request. Whatever your question, get in touch for a completely free quotation, no pressure whatsoever. Jen will be realistic with what the research will entail, realistic timescales and always does what she can to keep costs down. You can either fill in the contact form below or you can follow the link by clicking the leaf below to be taken to the Lunar Trees Genealogy page.

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