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We need to make a confession..... We aren't perfect... I know.. The shock, the horror!!

Whilst J is making wax melts quite often Livvie is chasing the dogs, the teen is shouting at the middle child and quite simply - there is utter carnage. 

This means - quite often actually - we get waxidents. 

There wax melts are made to exactly the same high standard, BUT, quite often they are wonky, they are accidentally mixed scents, we have forgotten what scent we used (sadly happens more often than not) or any number of other issues. 

Each waxident bag cost £5 and will always have way more than £5 worth of wax in. As they come in chunky bags, if a waxident bag is selected then regardless of what other items are bought - 2nd Class postage must be selected (not sample box postage).

Please please note.... As some of these scents are forgotten, or becuase sometimes the scents are mixed... Alot of the melts may not have CLP on them. IF this is an issue do not buy them. 

We are CLP compliant with all of our products, we do not make any profit at all on waxidents (in fact we lose money). 

We stress again, some of these melts will not have CLP.